Cloud based hire software, rental software with a difference

Cloud Hire Software for the rental industry

Cloud rental software & hire software
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HireHop have developed a completely new cloud based hire and rental software for use by hire companies worldwide. The rumours are true that the system is ground-breaking and will set the standard for what hire software is supposed to be, beating all current and even forthcoming software in features, userbility and efficiency.

The HireHop cloud based rental management software has been built by hire companies, for hire companies. The software breaks new ground with new features not seen in any other hire software before, enabling efficiency while also minimising user mistakes, saving you time and money yet the system is always intuitive and easy to use, leaving complex tasks to the system to manage and not the users.

As the system is cloud based it runs on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone using Windows, Mac OS, iPad, Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, etc., basically, anything with a web browser.  You don’t need to install any software, you don’t need a server, you don’t even need to backup your data, all you need to do is log on using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.


  • The most advanced and comprehensive system available.
  • Easy to use with a very simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Manage jobs and projects.
  • Extensive stock management with features not found in other software.
  • Manage your consumables, stock and services with ease.
  • Multiple users with privileges.
  • Multiple depot locations.
  • Marketing and CRM tools.
  • Lightning fast interface, allowing users to process jobs quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy to use and comprehensive address book.
  • Create custom documents easily with our new simple to use document designer.
  • Integrates with Outlook, iPhone calendar, Android calendar and loads more.
  • Interfaces with accountancy software like Quick BooksXero, etc.
  • Looks and feels like a native app.
  • Efficient processing and creation of jobs with unique features to prevent user mistakes.
  • + loads more…