We strive to improve our cloud based hire business software by actively listening to our users and implementing the features that they need.
We have worked tirelessly to bring you new features and functionality based on users feedback and needs, that many of our users have been beta testing over the past few months.
We look forward to continuing our journey together to make the best software even better!

Scan out in Tree View

We have listened to our users and have worked hard to further enhance our powerful scanning features.

All HireHop users now have the ability to scan jobs out in the same view as the Supplying List, or continue scanning out in the traditional Grouped and List methods. Our tree view allows you to expand or collapse branches of the tree and view the headings and notes exactly as they were created – allowing the user to assign a scanned item to the selected row within the tree.

Check Out – Test Verifications

Don’t want an asset to be checked onto a job if a test or service has expired or is due during the job? On HireHop you can now prevent this from happening.

First, login to HireHop and visit Home-Settings-Company Settings to set your company verification preferences for the three test types available:
  • Ignore – Allows assets with test/service failures to be scanned out.
  • Confirm – Brings up a warning of test/scan failures, but allows the user to scan again to confirm and check out. See User Permissions below.
  • Prevent – Does not allow the asset to be scanned out.


If you have chosen Confirm as your Company Setting for a test, select the Users tab to tailor your User Settings and enable/disable users from being able to confirm a scanned asset which has failed it’s test or service.

Now you’re good to go! Just ensure your tests and services are up to date through Hire Stock Management. You may also like to take a look at our recently enhanced and extremely handy Test/Service Report, which can be found in the Reports tab from the Home page.

Note: Tests can be renamed using our Language Editor!

Limit User Locations

Administrators now have the ability to limit the locations that specific users can login from, such as limiting a user to access HireHop only from the warehouse. 

Simply enter the IP address required, or click ‘My IP address’ to use your current IP.

Job Delivery & Collection

On jobs, add labels to say how the kit is leaving the warehouse and how it is arriving back in.

For goods out, the default options are customer collection, we deliver, courier delivery and other goods out.

For goods in, the default options are customer return, we collect, courier collect and other goods in.

Note: Customise these to your company via the Language Editor!

Prevent Deletion of Supplying Items

HireHop will now prevent a User from deleting more items from the Supplying List than have already been checked out.

Administrators can choose to override this for specific users in User Permissions.

Advanced API in Beta Testing

Completely customise HireHop & interface with HireHop from an external app via our API to do almost anything in the system!

Contact us now for further information.

GDPR Compliance

Enable your users to unsubscribe from the address book mailing lists!

General Improvements and Speed Enhancements

We can’t list every update we do (you’ll get bored reading through the long list), as we regularly release new minor enhancements and features to help make your life easier such as more document fields, system speed increases, additional data fields and the list goes on.