HireHop is built on top of an API, meaning anything you see HireHop do, you can also accomplish using the extensive API.  All you need to access the Rest API is a user token applied as a GET or POST to the relevant URL endpoint.

API Tokens

To generate an API token, go to the “Settings” page and select the “Users” tab.  Select or create a user, then while that specific user is selected, click the “Menu” button then the “API token” option to generate a token.  The token will then display and can be copied to the clipboard using the copy button.

The token will become invalid if you change the email or password of the selected user, or you subsequently login to that user.  To prevent this from happening, you should create a dedicated API user, and for security give it the relevant permissions, thus restricting it from anything you will not be using the API for.

For security reasons, you should never use the token in front end JavaScript code, it should only be used server side, as if a hacker obtains the token, they can change and access your data on HireHop, so keep your token a secret.  If your token does get leaked, just change the password of the API user and generate a new token.

Using A Token

A token should be set as a GET or POST parameter that is called “token”.  For example, to load job data for job number 52, HireHop will call the API endpoint:


If you want to call the same endpoint using a token, the URL would be:


Remember that when passing the token via GET (a URL parameter like above), you must encode the token first using a tool like https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder.

Posting Data

To create or edit data in HireHop you must use a POST. When posting data, you should set only the fields that you want to change, for example to create or edit a job using the endpoint https://myhirehop.com/php_functions/job_save.php, setting the parameter “job” to “0” or omitting it will create a new job, anything else will edit the relevant job number.  So to edit the company name in job number 52, the post data should be:

"job" : 52,
"name" : "New Name",
"token" : "dqwejk5GVT65909bHHBN7922pq5hxjm=-7hmn"

API Endpoints

Many API endpoints are documented in the API documentation, with many more to follow.  To establish the endpoint for a task, in the HireHop application, use the browser network console to inspect the network calls and what parameters are set.  An extensive guide to the URL endpoints will be published soon.

Rate Limits

HireHop allows each user 60 connection requests within a 1 minute period.  If there are more than 60, a “Security warning, too many transactions” (327) error is returned.

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