This is the question that many people consider – Should I hire or buy?

It really depends on the following three questions:

  1. Does the product have multiple long term usage?
  2. Does it cost much to purchase?
  3. Is it a specialist product you have no knowledge of?

Whilst idealistically you may want to buy, hiring or renting a product provides a great way of trying a product before you buy. If it is of a high value, hiring allows you to use a product that you wouldn’t normally use.   And if the product or indeed service is just for a one off – such as wedding clothes, van hire then it is pointless investing in a high value product that will not be used.

The hiring market in the UK is far bigger than many would consider and there are multiple suppliers across many sectors that are willing to offer products or services for hire.

If there is a high value product then hiring allows a user to test products to ensure that they are a  good fit and this ensures that you don’t waste money on something that you then want to exchange. This is a great option for Consumers and also Businesses.

Some of the most popular hire products in the UK include Cars, Sound and Lighting equipment, Catering equipment and Wedding Hire.

In summary look at the three questions above and should be self explanatory whether you should buy or hire.