rental business calendar

HireHop now has complete and powerful calendar functionality, extending its internal and external features, with the ability to synchronise with multiple external calendar apps. HireHop now gives each user their own personal calendar that can also be synchronised with other apps.  Other features added include more languages, navigation menu, and a chart feature for items with different dates to the job dates.

New Calendar Features

The calendar and job and project schedule has been completely re-written to give additional functionality and a performance boost.  The calendar now supports (on a per user basis):

  • Customisation of the calendar, what it shows and how it looks.
  • Creation of multiple ical calendar links to use in other calendar apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, etc. all with various filter options.  For example you can create a link that lists one type of job and a link for another, and then use both of those links in your other calendar app, even colouring them differently should the app allow it.
  • Import from multiple calendar sources, so you can now import from Google Calendar, Microsoft 365 and many more calendar feeds at once into each user’s HireHop calendar.
  • Filter job and project parameters, as well as splitting the dates.  Some companies had maybe 100 jobs or more going on per day, and with the bars stretching across from start to finish, each day was awash with bars.  You can now change this so that only a single entry appears at the start and the end of the job or project and the bar doesn’t span all the days between.  You can also filter jobs or projects dependant on their status, types or if you are a manager.
  • HireHop now gives each user their own personal calendar so they can create their own diary entries from within HireHop (as well as share them with other attendees), as well as the ability to set alarms and set repeats.  So if you have a hire that needs maintenance every 2 weeks, add a diary entry in the job schedule that you can even share with other participants outside of HireHop, that will also appear in their calendar feed.
  • You can generate ical links for every resource and supplier, so they get up-to-date diary entries of what they have been contracted to supply you in their own calendar or phone, that even change as you make changes from within HireHop.

Navigation Menu

A simple feature suggested by a new user was to add a navigation shortcut menu on the top right of every page, enabling you to go to different pages in HireHop without going via the home page.

Chart Column

As HireHop supports different dates for items inside a job, we added a more visual way for you to see this.  There is now an option to show a chart column in job supplying list that shows blocks that portray the dates for items with different dates set.

Other Improvements

The Estonian language was added, you can now set job delivery & collection defaults, country of origin was added in consumables, you can add a nominal group to custom items in the supplying list and individual memos for invoice and credit note line items has also been added. Stronger password encryption has also been implemented behind the scenes, being something you wouldn’t notice, but gives you the reassurance that it is now even more impossible to decrypt your passwords stored in HireHop, as well as allowing us to get more cyber security accreditation.

Performance Increase & Bug Fixes

Some parts of HireHop gained a significant performance boost such as loading of lists.  Some companies with hundreds of thousands of lines of stock experienced up to 20 seconds of waiting time when opening filtered lists, which was reduced to 0.3 seconds.  There are also other minor performance increases throughout the system and some very minor bug fixes.