Add Items to your Supplying Lists in New Ways

  • New from barcode – This option allows you to type or scan a barcode/asset number to add the item directly to the list whilst marking the asset as reserved, checked out or neither.
  • New from part number – Opens up a part number picker where you can enter the quantity, followed by the part number/SKU to quickly build a list of items to add to your job.

Google One Tap Sign-In

  • For an even faster way to Login you can now using Google One Tap Sign-In. If you are logged into your Google Account on your browser, look out for the option on the top right of the screen when you go to log in.

Drivers App

  • Now when a driver takes a signature or attaches photos to a waypoint it automatically marks the waypoint as completed.

New Columns Available

  • On the the Supplying List of a Job click on the Settings wheel on the top right to add/remove columns, including a new column option of “Flag”.
  • On Projects a new column for the “Depot” of the Job.
  • You can add/remove columns anywhere you see the Settings wheel.

Custom Fields

  • More custom field locations added including on Depots.
  • Manage your custom fields from Company Settings.

ePOS Updates

  • Scan an item directly onto the ePOS screen to check it out/on-hire the asset.
  • The Part Number picker is also now available on the ePOS Screen.

New “Proportioned Week” Price Duration

  • Items set to this duration will be billed a minimum of a week and the 1/7th of the rate for each subsequent day.
  • Set this up in Hire Stock Management.