Event Hire Software quote documentsHireHop have revamped all the template documents, giving a more uniform look and feel, as well as making all documents available to all users in Afrikaans, German, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovak and Swedish, regardless what language you have set HireHop to be in.


You now add documents in different languages to your available documents in HireHop. So if all your company speaks English and all the documents you use are English, but you have a customer in Sweden, you can now them send them invoices, quotes, etc. in Swedish by adding the required Swedish documents.

Subscribed users can also customise their documents.  Documents are written in the web standard HTML5 with full CSS and Javascript support, even when being made into PDF documents by HireHop.

No other equipment rental software even comes close to giving you this much power in creating documents. A well presented document sent to your customers makes you stand out from your competitors.  With a professional looking document, your customers can see at a glance the professionalism of your company, as how you present yourself is how your customers will perceive you.