HireHop’s Latest Features and Updates!

Extra Addresses

There are now two new address options on jobs – a Collection Address and a Use-at Address. These fields can be renamed from the Language Settings to use them in the way that you would like.

You can also add these fields onto any document. Click here to see the fields.

Extra Dates

With our new extra dates feature you can add as many additional dates to Jobs and Projects as you like!

In Company Settings you can set template dates, which can be linked to job types. If you do so, when you create a new job you will see the extra dates appear when you set the job type.

Alternatively, you can manually add extra dates on Jobs and Projects too, just look out for the extra dates option in the Job menu.

Recent Jobs/Projects

The new Recent Jobs and Recent Projects options will show you what you have most recently opened.

Access this from the menu button on the top right of any screen!

Updated Reports

All of the Reports in HireHop have now been updated to use a more powerful and faster grid, with even more filtering and analysis!