Introducing HireHop’s new scanning app

Powerful asset scanning from any device


We have been adding new features at a rapid pace and have just released the supercharged scanning module, which can also be run as a progressive web app on any device.

This new addition is free to all users.

The new scanning app is fully adaptive and works on all mobile devices, including mobile PDA scanners. Users can even use their phone camera as a barcode or QR code reader from within the app. The new app can use many technologies together or separately, including barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and even manual batch entry.

Access the scanning app from here, or from the HireHop menu on any screen. 

Supercharged and Redesigned

Barcode, QR code and RFID scanning from any device, anywhere.

Revamped to fit any screen and redesigned to improve your workflow.

New ways to scan

  • Prep scans – Giving users another way to prep a job or project prior to check out. Completing a prep scan will automatically change the job status to Prepped. If you prep scan into boxes/cases, only the boxes will require checking when you check the job out. 
  • Check scans – Giving users the ability to do a job or project “stock check” after it was scanned out. These are saved so you can view previous check scans and continue check scans at a later date. 
  • Offline scanning – If your device is out of network range the app will automatically buffer scans using the bulk scan feature to be processed when network is restored. 
  • Project scanning – Users now have the ability to check projects in and out. View all items from all jobs in that project in the grouped view, or use the tree view to divide the list into its component jobs. 

The features you need

  • Utilise many technologies together or separately, including barcodes, QR codes, RFID and manual batch entry.
  • Set up custom sounds per user from Your Settings.
  • In-depth “View details” – select an item on the check in or out screen and click on View details. Here you’ll be able to see what’s been checked out, checked in, not checked back in yet, POs, reserved assets and more. You also have the option to select multiple assets to delete several scans at once.
  • Check in using Tree view – toggle between List, Grouped and Tree.
  • Huge speed enhancements – giving the user the ability to scan out jobs and projects with thousands of line items in one list, without any speed impact, even on old devices.
  • Much more and there are even more features to come!

hirehop scanning features

The new scanning app also adds numerous protections to prevent user mistakes, such as preventing equipment with test failures or damages from being sent out, preventing assets being sent on multiple different jobs at the same time, stopping too much being sent out, automatically updating availability for additional items scanned out without any user intervention, making sure sub rentals are sent on jobs if need be instead of your own stock, and so much more.

How to create the app on your phone

For android:

For IOS:

Also introducing new Reports

Carnet Report

Check out the new Carnet report available from Home-Reports – this report can be run for a job or project and you can choose whether barcodes are grouped or not. View the carnet on screen and then simply export to CSV or Excel. 

Users still have access to the Job Carnet document that can be printed or emailed directly from a job.

Sales Items Report

Run this report to view all sales or consumable items included in jobs over a period.